Meet the Camping Critterz!

Camping Critterz Family!

We’re a camping family with a combined 73 years of camping experience.

We are explorers, campers, shiny rock lovers and outdoor gear addicts. We believe camping can be for anyone at any stage of life.

We understand that taking the leap into the world of camping can be both exciting and daunting, especially when you’re venturing out with your little ones. That’s why Camping Critterz is here – to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your camping adventure is filled with joy, learning, and cherished memories.

couple camping with green tent

At Camping Critterz, our mission is to empower and inspire you and your families to embark on your first camping adventures with confidence, connection, and a deep appreciation for the natural world.

Our people are parents who want to introduce their children to the joys of outdoor exploration, but are overwhelmed with the idea. People who get laughed out of the breakroom at work after talking about their desire to go camping with their kids. Parents who went camping all the time as a couple but now have no idea how to incorporate their kids into the equation. Urban dwellers who want a break from the busy city life but aren’t sure where to start or what gear to buy.

If that’s you, you are our people. Stick around and we’ll equip you with the knowledge and resources necessary to create lasting memories in the great outdoors. So, grab your camping gear, gather the kids, and let us guide you through the exciting world of camping with children!

Momma Critter – Molly Foss:

Camping Critterz Author Molly Foss

Meet Molly, the fearless family camper. Whether pitching tents in remote wilderness, cozying up by the campfire, or leading her family on unexplored backcountry trails, she revels in the excitement of outdoor adventures with her son and husband. Join her as she explores the great outdoors, one family camping expedition at a time.

Her mom bought a Coleman tent at K-mart for $99 and she’s been camping ever since. She was in 4th grade and thought it was the coolest thing ever. It probably feels one step closer to her lifelong dream of being Robin Hood and living in a tree fort. She loves helping pick out the campsite, figuring out where the tent would go, and starting the campfire

My family also got a MN State Park passport. It’s a fun way to keep track of your travels to the MN state parks. Back then you got patches for visiting different state parks and eventually a free night of camping! We’re now doing it as a family. We’ve made it up to 10 different State Parks and are now excited to bring Tiny Critter with us and camp as a family!

She has camped the most on the north shore of Lake Superior, but has also camped in Colorado, the Black Hills, Supai AZ, Assateague Island MD, Moorehead NC. She’s backpacked into Jay Cooke state park, C.R. Magney State park and Havasupai AZ. All of the Critterz went canoe camping in the BWCA in 2023.

Molly’s favorite part about camping is the smell of the pine trees on the north shore of Lake Superior and solving problems with only the things you brought with you. Now with Tiny Critter her favorite things are teaching him how to throw rocks into lakes and roast S’mores.

Daddy Critter – Cole Foss:

Camping Critterz Author Cole Foss

Cole always enjoyed camping.  And by camping, he means any and all.  Car camping, backpacking, pop-ups, RVs, cabins, and even ice houses.  Camping is just one of those hobbies where a person gets to go to a place where the goal is to enjoy the time. 

Camping can be as relaxed or extreme as you want to make it.  For Cole, it’s time where he can focus on what’s in front of him.  He is the type that always has projects, or something to do that is “next”. 

When he’s camping though, he has an easier time decompressing and just taking it all in.  But somehow, even when camping, he’s often the one that wants to get moving, see it all, and doesn’t want to truly slow down.

Cole was a scout, from Tiger Cub to Eagle Scout.  He has done the day camps, the weekend trips, and the high-adventure, week-long outings.  While most of his camping experience is in the Midwest, he’s gotten out a bit further a couple times and need to eventually do more.  However, it’s hard to beat Minnesota/Northern Wisconsin camping.  

Clam quickset pavilion with a happy family

Cole has seen camping gear (especially backpacking gear) go from rustic gear he thought was really good (as compared to my uncles’ gear, also Eagle Scouts) to what he sees as fantastic now.  The gear he used the first time going to the boundary waters is nothing like the light weight versatile gear he has for camping today.  The best part of the gear upgrades are, Cole gets to play with new toys and see how they can make camping easier/more enjoyable.

And now, with Tiny Critter in the mix, Cole has a renewed excitement for places I’ve gone. To share new experiences with his son and watch him run through the woods with what seems like boundless energy is just fantastic.

Tiny Critter:

Tiny Critter has been camping since he was 9 months old. His first night in the tent he decided to pop his first tooth, and that was quite the ordeal.

We were convinced he woke up the entire campground, and I’m pretty sure parts of the tent are still spattered with grape-flavored liquid ibuprofen. Spoiler, we made it through and still had a great weekend (albeit with a bit less sleep than intended).

child sitting in a camp chair sipping a hot drink while camping

The next camping attempt proved to be a little cold and we weren’t the best prepared so Tiny Critter wore socks for gloves and every one was a happy camper. He’s camped in a pop-up trailer with Grandma and Grandpa and spend the night with Daddy and his Uncle in a fish house out on the ice and loved every second of it. 

He’ll make tents out of any household object and loves playing with his pretend campfire set and roasting fake S’mores. He also loves making real S’mores and will eat as many as he can.

Thanks for joining the Critter Crew!

Happy Camping!