Our Favorite Camping Gear

These camping products are tried and true! We have used them, loved them and highly recommend this camping gear! We want you and your family to have the best gear so you can love camping too!

Camp Critter Survival Kit

REI Tarn 18 Backpack

ExPed DeepSleep Duo

Exped DeepSleep Mat

This double mattress is a MUST for all campers. At 3" thick it will keep you comfortable and warm all night long!

As a side sleeper, this is the first mattress that allows me to sleep the entire night without my arm literally going numb. Worth the price.

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LuminAID Lanterns

Critter Owned!
Luminaid Lanterns

LuminAID seeks to make safe light and energy accessible for all.

We love these inflatable lanterns. They're USB or solar rechargeable and they even charge your phone!

They pack flat and illuminate your whole tent or picnic table for game night! You little ones will also love using camping lanterns as a nightlight!

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Morrison Outdoors

Small Business
Morrison Outdoors

World's Warmest Sleeping Bags for Babies and Kids

20° - 40° Sleeping bags for babies and kids aged 6 months to 4 years!

No more worrying about your small child rolling out from under blankets or getting a big sleeping bag bunched up by their face. This wearable sleeping bag keeps your kids snug as bugs!

Our link gets you 10% off ALL Morrison Outdoor products!

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Roar Outdoor Baby Monitors

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Roar Wireless Outdoor Baby Monitor

The first CAMPING SPECIFIC battery operated baby monitor!

  • Both units are battery operated and USB rechargeable.
  • Operates WITHOUT Wifi!
  • 1000ft range.
  • Headphone jack.
  • Push to talk from parent unit.
  • Optional belt clip.
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Kula Cloth

Small Business!
Kula Cloth

Kula is a pee cloth for anybody that squats when they pee.

A Kula Cloth® is the first of its kind an reusable antimicrobial pee cloth!

I used to pack in a lot of non-flushable wipes that needed to be packed back out. The whole situation was a hassle.

Now I have a Kula cloth and it's a game changer! No waste, no packing several plastic bags with clean and used wipes in my backpack. The Kula cloth snaps to my backpack and uses its antimicrobial properties and the power of the sun to stay clean!

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Kind Bars

KIND Wholesome Granola Bars

If you're tired of those super crunchy granola bars that turn into crumbs after the first bite, switch to Kind bars.

You and your kids will love the variety of different flavors! Kind bars are vastly superior to dense tasteless protein bars.

When we start by doing something small, we have the power to change the world. LIVE KIND® 

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Solo Stove

Solo Stove

Smokeless. Stainless Steel. Portable.

Solo Stoves are portable fire pits that are designed specifically to be smokeless.

They also have small camp stoves, pizza ovens and all kinds of accessories!

If you're sick of rearranging the camp chairs everytime the wind shifts, you need a smokeless Solo Stove.

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Mountain Steals

Mountain Steals

Mountain Steals is a great discount site that carries the top brands you know and trust.

Get the best outdoor gear while paying the best prices!

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Outdoor Gear & Clothing for Ski, Snowboard, Camp, & More

Backcountry has an amazing collection of high performance outdoor gear from all the best brands!

New Customers - Take 15% off your entire first order!

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YETI: Drinkware, Hard Coolers, Soft Coolers, Bags and More

Yeti makes amazing coolers and rough and rugged mugs and tumblers. Daddy Critter doesn't go anywhere without his Yeti Mug.

We also love our Yeti Tundra 65 cooler, it keeps ice frozen for 3 days! You won't regret getting Yeti gear.

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Black Beard Fire Starters

Critter Owned!
Black Beard Fire Starters

Black Beard Fire Starters are versatile and waterproof. Each rope can start over 50 fires!

And you don't have to worry about not being able to light a fire in wet weather since Black Beard Fire Starters are waterproof!

With an infinite shelf life these are a perfect addition to your bail out bag!

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BigFoot Bushcraft Fire Starters

Critter Owned!
Bigfoot Bushcraft

Bigfoot bushcraft fire plugs make fire starting easy. Each plug has 5 minutes of burn time so you can take your time to create a perfect campfire every time.

They have a 10 year shelf life, and they're waterproof and windproof!

Use our link to get 15% off your order!

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Critter Owned!

Reusable Insulated Stainless Steel Tumblers and Water Bottles

Tervis mugs have a permanent spot in not only our kitchen cabinet but also our camp kitchen box.

The double walled tumblers are great for keeping cold drinks cold, even on hot days. They also keep hot drinks hot.

The best thing about Tervis is the amazing designs and customization options! Get all of your critterz a cup with their name on it!

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Marmot Limestone 6 Person Tent

Critter Owned!
Marmot Limestone 6P Tent

This tent is amazing. Every time we use it we forget how awesome it is until we're in it. This tent fits a Pack n Play with room for at least 3 other people!

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Osprey Poco Plus

Critter Owned!
Osprey Poco LT Child Carrier

You will LOVE this child carrier. It has so many amazing features, it stands alone with the kid in it, has a detachable daypack, and tons of pockets!

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Foam Floor Mats

Puzzle Foam Play Mat

Once you put these on the floor of your tent, you'll never go camping without them again. No more kneeling on rocks through your tent!

Read our other suggestions for the best tent floor padding. 

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03/11/2024 06:12 pm GMT


Critter Owned!

Rumpl | Blankets For Everywhere

Rumpl makes cozy synthetic and down blankets with a never ending array of patterns and designs!

Our Rumpl blanket has been on many camping trips, Ragnar races and overnight cabin stays. It has kept the whole family warm and snuggled up too many times to count.

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Thermacell Mosquito Repellents

Mosquito Control Solutions & Devices | Thermacell

Thermacell repels mosquitoes electronically without the need to coat yourself or your children in chemicals. Have a bug-free campsite in no time!

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Critter Owned!

When Tiny Critter was actually tiny, munchkin cups were our go-to.

They have a vast array of styles from sippy cups to amazing 360 spill proof cups that help toddlers transition to using a real cup!

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Cabela's has a huge assortment of outdoor gear, from tents and sleeping bags to jackets and hiking boots.

We often say in our family that if Cabela's doesn't have it, you don't need it.

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Walmart often has good camping gear for amazing prices. We've gotten Tiny Critter some awesome gear at Walmart over the years.

They have their own tent brand and I know many people who swear by them.

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Noxgear | Safety Visibility Vest

Noxgear makes super cool light up vests and dog harnesses. If you're going to be doing any night hiking, make sure you and your kids are easily seen!

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Contigo Water Bottles

Contigo Kids Water Bottle
$27.49 $23.95 ($0.86 / Ounce)

These water bottles are the best. Spill proof, fold down spout, handle for attaching to a backpack. We take them everywhere.

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Thanks for checking out our recommended camping gear!

Happy Camping!