Sleeping Bags for Warm Weather: What to Look For and How to Stay Cool

Summertime is a great time for camping! The weather is perfect and there are so many fun things to do. But if you’re not prepared, summer camping can be really uncomfortable and hot. Other times the nights can cool down more than you expect, making at least a lightweight sleeping bag necessary for your packing…

Tent Floor Padding: The Best Ways to Make Your Tent Cozier Than Ever!

The easiest way to make your tent more comfortable is to add padding to the floor. Going on camping adventures with your family doesn’t have to be dirty and uncomfortable. Padding the floor adds warmth, comfort and protection in an instant. You can easily turn your tent into a cozy slumber party with a little…

9 Ways to get a Bargain on the Best Family Camping Gear

9 Ways to get a Bargain on the Best Family Camping Gear

Getting good camping gear isn’t typically cheap, and getting cheap gear doesn’t always make for happy campers. Camping is typically fun because it’s a way to rough it, and spending a lot of money to sleep in the woods just feels like it’s missing the point. Over the years we’ve found many ways to score quality camping gear at low prices and we’d love to share our secrets with you!