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5 Reasons Why You Need To Go Camping

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Camping may not be for everyone, but if you’re unsure about if you want to go camping, here are some good reasons to go.

Get Away From it All

This seems to be the most common reason I’ve heard over the years. “I just need to get away from it all” or “I need to unplug”. You know what? It’s a great reason. If it gets you outside, exploring more, enjoying a bit more sun shine… DO IT!

Everyone needs to get away, needs a change of pace. Many times some new scenery allows new perspective and enables folks to better decompress.

Plus, if your kiddo is anything like Tiny Critter, while the travel time may feel like it takes FOREVER, being there is about the most exciting thing!

And, if you’re a parent like Momma and Daddy Critter, seeing that spark of excitement is about the best feeling!

Connect with Family / Friends & Create Memories

It’s tough to make time when you’ve got a routine to break free and give more time to family and friends. It’s even more difficult if you’re have young ones that need help with homework and school stuff.

Sometimes even making time for a 15 minute catch up conversation seems like something that just can’t be fit into a day. But if you’re out of the house and sitting at the perfect campsite, this can change your whole perspective.

You’ve disrupted the normal flow in a good way. Now you can allow yourself to break free and take more time to live in the moment. Create those lasting memories, sing campfire songs, just relax. 

Connect with Nature

Have you ever walked through the forest and just listened to what was going on? Camped next to the river and fell asleep to the water flowing by? Woke up to frost on your tent glistening in the morning sun? Ok, that one may not be for everyone, but it sure was pretty.

The peace it provides is for us, both reassuring and uplifting. It may seem strange, but just sitting by a campfire watching the embers glow is one of the best ways to decompress and get some clarity on what’s important.

Slow Down and Enjoy

This one is especially true for Daddy Critter. There is always something to do at home, for work, etc. Why stop when you can get something done? There are only so many hours in a day and we had best use them all in the most efficient fashion possible.

However, when you’re camping the list of things to do is basically” drink a mug of cocoa go on a hike, cook a meal, lay in the hammock, or toss a line in the water.

Camping isn’t efficient, neither is fishing while camping. Those fish do NOT care that there is only another 45 minutes until sunset and may decide you just don’t have what they want.  But sitting at the water’s edge (or wading in some cases) is relaxing and gives you something to focus on in the moment. That’s hard to beat.


If you’re a parent, teaching, while sometimes frustrating, is one of the most amazing things. To teach the Young Critterz what’s important is extremely rewarding.

A lot of times you show patience, provide time and attention, it’ll just click. It may not be quick, but that’s exactly why camping is a perfect opportunity. 

This may be helping them roast a marshmallow, bait a hook, tie a knot, or paddle a canoe. There are so many things you can teach them, and camping provides countless opportunities for you to impact those Young Critterz.

Remember, they’re sponges. They’ll learn from everything you do and you will create those memories that will last a lifetime.

Don’t forget to learn from the Young Critterz as well. Catch frogs, poke at mud with a stick, eat another S’more, stargaze past your regular bedtime. Bond as a family.

Critter Case: Daddy Critter still remembers his uncles teaching him to unhook fish when he was really young. It took effort, the sunnies poked him a couple times but at the end of the day he had learned a new skill and was better for it. It allowed him the ability to be more independent when fishing so he could go on explore more on his own.

Bonus: It’s healthy! A lot of us sit down to work, sit to watch TV, etc. Getting outside and setting up the campground, going hiking, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, biking is fabulous both physically and mentally. 

Tell us your favorite reason to go camping in the comments!

Get out there and scurry around! 

Happy Camping!

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