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Best Place To Sell Used Camping & Outdoor Gear Online

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If you’re like me, you love getting a good deal on camping gear. Naturally you want to know the best place to sell used camping gear online.

Bonus, theses same stores will help you get great deals on new to you gear.

Buying used gear is a great way to get lower prices on high-quality gear if you don’t mind last year’s color. It’s also great for parents of little kids who are constantly outgrowing their outdoor clothes. 

I’ve tried several used outdoor gear sites and I can tell you where the good deals are and where you’ll get a fair price for your gently used sleeping bag and outdoor clothing. 


Gear Trade is one of the best places to sell your used camping gear. Their online shop operates on a consignment model.

Once you create an account, you can browse their used gear store and make a purchase, or sell your own gear.

If you’re looking to let them sell your gear they send you a free shipping label and you can stuff as much gear as you can into the bag for no extra cost. 

Sell your used outdoor gear with geartrade

I’ve personally sold things on gear trade and it was super easy. I requested a shipping label, put my gently used items in the bag and mailed it back. 

Once your gear arrives, you will be able to review the price that was set for your gear. I could have adjusted it to a better selling price for a quick sale or a higher price to get top dollar for my high quality items. My items appeared to be at 20% of retail price and I left them at that. 

You can also list your items yourself and post them on GearTrade for free. You take pictures and write the descriptions for your specific items. After your items sell, you can ship them to geartrade for free and they’ll ship them to the buyer. 

I think that shipping your gear to GearTrade’s consignment store is one of the best options to help your gear go on another outdoor adventure with someone else. (That’s what I tell my son when he doesn’t want to get rid of clothing that he’s grown out of)

Payout Method: Store Credit or Paypal/Venmo

Money from sale or trade in? You get paid once they sell your item to someone. 

Who Pays Shipping? Gear trade

Will They Return My Gear? Yes, you can choose to get it back or have it be donated.

REI Re/Supply

If you’re an REI member you likely are aware of the REI garage sale. They have expanded it and are calling it Re/Supply.

REI now accepts all used gear, not just gear you purchased at REI.

You do need to be an REI co-op member to participate however. 

REI Re/supply, trade in your gently used outdoor gear online

What can I trade in? Any of the top brands that REI typically sells. They do not require gear to be in excellent condition. You can look in their trade-in catalog to be sure. 

You can also drop your gear off at their participating locations.

Payout Method: Store Credit 

Money from sale or trade in? You get store credit once they accept your item for trade-in.

Who Pays Shipping? REI will deduct $6 from your gift card to cover shipping.

Will They Return My Gear? No, REI will not return any gear shipped to them for any reason. 


Rerouted is an online marketplace that only sells used gear. They are like ebay, where they have you keep your piece of gear but are providing you a spot to host it.

They take a 10% commission on each sale. So the best thing is that if your gear doesn’t sell, you don’t owe anything!

rerouted, reroute your gear today

You do need to take all the pictures and write your own descriptions, so keep that in mind.

What can I trade in? Their site says anything that’s not safety equipment.

Payout Method: Paypal, Venmo or check. 

Money from sale or trade in? You get money from the sale.

Who Pays Shipping? The buyer pays shipping.

Will They Return My Gear? You keep your item until it sells!

Out & Back

Out and Back excels in selling used gear for you. You drop it off or mail it in and they’ll do the rest, from cleaning and photography to listing and shipping. 

​You can either mail in your gear or drop it off if you live close enough to one of their drop off locations. (Drop off sales get a 30% bonus gift card)

Out and back, answer a few questions, accept an instant offer, mail your gear in

Their website does not say what kind of offers you’ll get on your gear, but they will only make one offer to you for your gear. 

What can I trade in? All kinds of outer wear, sleeping bags, sleeping pads and tents. 

Payout Method: Cash or get a 20% bonus if you choose a gift card.

Money from sale or trade in? You get paid right away at trade in.

Who Pays Shipping? Out & Back will send you a prepaid shipping label. 

Will They Return My Gear? Yes, if you pay for shipping.

Outdoor Gear Exchange

Outdoor Gear Exchange is a Vermont company that sells discounted camping gear and has second-hand gear at an affordable price from their consignments. 

After checking out their website and how their exchange operates, it seems to be the most complicated of all the options.

When they are accepting items they appear to have a list of what they will and won’t take, you can also email a list and pictures of your outdoor items to see if they’ll be accepted. 

Outdoor gear exchange, sell used camping gear online

​Their consignment shop also looks like it closes from time to time, so be aware of that if you want a quick turn around on your gear. 

OGE suggests setting the price to 50% of retail price. When your item sells, you will get 65% of that in store credit or 55% as a check. 

This means if your item is $100 retail, the price should be set at $50. When it sells, you will get $32.50 in store credit or $27.50 as a check. 

What can I trade in? They suggest emailing a list of items you’d like to sell with them. 

Payout Method: Store Credit or a Mailed check

Money from sale or trade in? This is a consignment shop, so you get money when your item sells. 

Who Pays Shipping? You do.

Will They Return My Gear? Yes, if you pay for shipping back to you.

Patagonia Worn Wear

Patagonia’s Worn Wear Program is a great option for swapping your used Patagonia gear that’s still in good condition. 

They have a trade-in program where you can bring your gear to a retail store or mail it to their online store. When your item sells, you get store credit to spend on new or used gear. 

Most kid’s and baby items will qualify for the lowest price on the consignment page, which is $10-$20. 

What Can I Trade in? Any Patagonia gear that is in excellent condition and on their list found here.

Payout Method: Store Credit

Money from sale or trade in? You get paid once they value your item, it does not have to sell.

Who Pays Shipping? Patagonia will charge you $7 for the shipping label.

Will They Return My Gear? If your gear is not accepted you can choose to have it sent back to you. 

Facebook Marketplace

I’m sure everyone knows by now that facebook has an online marketplace where you can sell anything you want.

The main drawback here is that you have to deal with humans. A lot of us like being an outdoors geek because we don’t like interacting with other people so much. 

I’d rate Facebook Marketplace as a good option if you’re ok haggling with people on social media and meeting up with them to exchange larger items. 

What Can I Trade in? Anything you want to sell that might be too big to mail to someone. Large outdoor goods, camp chairs, sporting goods, that kind of thing. 

Payout Method: Whatever you decide, cash, Paypal or Venmo

Money from sale or trade in? You only get money if you sell your item to someone. 

Who Pays Shipping? You do, or you deliver it in person.

Will They Return My Gear? Your gear never leaves your house until it sells


Ebay used to be one of the best websites for selling gently used items you no longer wanted. That was before many outdoor gear stores popped up and started doing the same thing.

Compared to other sites, ebay takes a small commission, but they also charge a listing fee. 

If you have a lot of gear to sell, a better way to sell it would be GearTrade where they will do a lot of the work for you.

Sell used camping gear with ebay

On Ebay, you’re completely on your own for creating the listing, taking the photos, talking with buyers and shipping the product. 

What Can I Trade in? Anything you feel like shipping to someone else. 

Payout Method: Paypal

Money from sale or trade in? You only get money when your item sells.

Who Pays Shipping? You pay shipping, but you can forward the costs to the buyer.

Will They Return My Gear? Your gear never leaves your house until it sells.


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