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The Top 13 Easiest Tents You Can Set Up By Yourself

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There are many reasons to choose a tent with minimal setup. For single parents juggling a gaggle of kiddos or even just camping with an infant, picking the easiest tent to set up by yourself is a no-brainer. Simple tent designs are also a time saver if you’re nervous about bad weather moving in.

Recommended Purchase:

We’re members of many Facebook camping groups and the Core 6 person tent is always the top suggestion as the best instant tent. 

CORE 6 Person Lighted Instant Cabin Tents
  • BUILT-IN LED LIGHTING: Three brightness settings.
  • INSTANT 60-SECOND SETUP and COMFORTABLE: The poles are pre-attached to the tent- just unpack, unfold, lift legs into position and extend legs until they click into place.
  • SPACIOUS: 11 ft x 9 ft floor plan with 72" center height.
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03/11/2024 05:47 pm GMT

This one has an awesome night light feature which eliminates the need to bring lanterns for inside the tent.

If we’re ever in the market for a new tent, this is likely the one we’d choose.

As parents, we like instant and pop-up tents because it means more time with our little guy. We arrive at the site, take a few moments to set up the tent, and let the fun commence. No struggling with instructions or tent poles. 

Momma Critter’s first tent took 2 if not 4 people to set up. It was a complicated process that took a long time involving assembling a maze of tent poles in the right order and literally flipping the poles 270° after they were inserted into the tent. This leaves less time to enjoy your camping experience.

If you’re looking for a way to simplify your next camping adventure, pop up tents will save time and energy. A good instant tent will become your favorite piece of camping gear to pack.

Pop-Up Tents vs Instant Tents

Finding the easiest tent to set up by yourself doesn’t require a ton of research. The most common styles are pop-up and instant tents. These two tent types differ in materials used and methods of construction. The main distinctions are as follows:

Pop Up Tents

Pop-up tents quite literally pop into shape. If you’ve ever owned a folding beach shelter or kid’s play tent, you’re likely familiar with this concept.

Pop-up tents use fiberglass poles that are pre-assembled in the tent, to collapse and pop up as needed. To break the tent back down, simply fold as the instructions dictate and load the tent into a carrying bag.

The main benefit to pop-up tents is that they take seconds to set up, but they have a few drawbacks. The pliability of the poles makes them ill-suited for strong winds.

They’re also a little heavier than your typical tent if you have a trek ahead of you. They’re also unlikely to come with a rainfly if you’re camping in the rain. The unique shape of a lot of pop-up tents may make it difficult to use a tent footprint or tarp underneath.

Flaws aside, pop up tents will be the easiest tent to set up by yourself.

Instant Tents

Instant tents are quick to set up but require a little extra time to complete. Rather than popping into shape in seconds, instant tents include pre-assembled poles which click into place. All you have to do is extend the poles, stake the tent down, and you’re all set to camp. Disassemble in reverse and you’re good to go.

Instant tents take just a few minutes to fully assemble. They’re often made using steel poles and a polyester shell.

These tents are a little more durable than a pop-up model and are often very similar to a regular tent. They’re still quick enough that you’ll be done with the tent faster than the campfire will get going. Don’t worry about missing out on smores!

Instant tents are often a more roomy tent than a pop up tent making them a good choice for bigger families or a small family who likes plenty of room. In order to have the pop up design work well, they often have to be smaller tents and occasionally they’re odd shapes.

Easiest Tents to Set up by Yourself

Setup time is an important factor to look into for tents. I know we don’t like wasting precious camp time struggling with complicated traditional tents. Instant and pop-up tent models are an excellent choice so you can start enjoying the great outdoors right away.  

Looking for quick set up tents that take the stress out of making camp? Here are our top recommendations for the easiest tents to set up by yourself. 

Instant Tents:

Instant tents take a little longer to set up than pop up tents, but they’re more sturdy in windy conditions and are often high quality tents with large doors. A lot of popup tents are created for speed, not to be the perfect tent.

CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent

The Core instant cabin tent sleeps six and stands 6 feet high. Great for taller campers. This spacious tent includes a rainfly and mesh gear loft, as well as a carrying bag and lantern hook.

CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent
$199.99 $179.99
  • Instant 60 Second Setup; Sleeps 6 people; Fits two queen air mattresses; Center Height: 72".
  • CORE H20 Block Technology and adjustable ground vent
  • Features gear loft with lantern hook and large wall organizer
  • Includes rain fly, tent stakes, and carry bag
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03/11/2024 05:52 pm GMT

Its unique cabin-style design creates a surprisingly roomy-looking interior. Setup takes just 60-seconds, so you can pitch the tent and relax.

We like that this tent has a “T” style door, which lets you open up the front of the tent for airflow and natural light. It also features CORE H2O Block Technology to keep water out and an adjustable ground vent. 

Pros: Large wall organizer included. Easy to pack back into a carrying bag.

Cons: Some campers found the zipper sticky.

Rainfly: Yes

Popup or instant: Instant

Number of people: 6

Time to set up: 60-seconds

Coleman Cabin Tent

The Coleman brand is well known for making a great tent and this one is no different. With awesome dark room technology, this tent allows your whole family to sleep past sunrise, which all parents can appreciate. Last camping trip Tiny Critter woke up before 6am. Ugh.

Coleman 10 Person Dark Room Cabin Tent
$459.99 $370.49
  • Dark room technology: Blocks 90% of sunlight so you can sleep in past sunrise
  • Reduces heat: For a more comfortable rest anytime of day
  • Weatherproof: Welded corners and inverted seams keep water from getting in; Included rainfly offers extra weather protection
  • Visibility at night: Reflective guy lines are easier to spot in the dark
  • Room divider: For added privacy
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These tents also stay cooler for longer as the day gets hot, perfect for when you’re camping in warm weather. Not all dark tents stay cool, be sure to read reviews carefully.

This Coleman cabin tent has a room divider making it easier to go on a camping trip with other families and still have privacy. This tent is 14 x 10 feet, with 6 feet 7 inch center height, so even the tallest campers won’t feel cramped. You can fits 4 queen-size air beds, or 3 beds with room for gear.

Pros: Includes rain fly. Fits four queen size air beds.

Cons: Steep taper of the tent walls makes it trickier to fit in cots or a lot of gear without touching the sides.

Rainfly: Yes

Popup or instant: Instant

Number of people: 6-10

Time to set up: 60-seconds

CORE 6 Person Lighted Instant Cabin Tent

An upgrade on the traditional CORE instant cabin tent, this model includes built-in LED lights. Set-up still takes 60-seconds with preassembled poles. Unpack, lift and extend legs, and click them into place to build your tent. 

CORE 6 Person Lighted Instant Cabin Tents
  • BUILT-IN LED LIGHTING: Three brightness settings.
  • INSTANT 60-SECOND SETUP and COMFORTABLE: The poles are pre-attached to the tent- just unpack, unfold, lift legs into position and extend legs until they click into place.
  • SPACIOUS: 11 ft x 9 ft floor plan with 72" center height.
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03/11/2024 05:47 pm GMT

We love that this tent includes LED lights with an integrated wall switch. Flashlight or headlamp glare is a pain, especially if you’re camping with kids and trying to position lights to read stories at night. The CORE built-in lights are positioned to diffuse and evenly distribute light on three settings. Choose from low, high, and night light. 

This tent has a mesh roof and an air intake vent to help keep you cool while summer camping.

Pros: Includes lights with three settings. Includes rain fly. Fits two queen size air beds.

Cons: Requires four D cell batteries, not included. 

Rainfly: Yes

Popup or instant: Instant

Number of people: 6

Time to set up: 60-seconds

Moon Lence Instant Pop-Up Tent

The Moon Lence instant tent is made up of fiberglass poles, iron pegs, and a polyester exterior. We classify this as an instant tent, even though Moon Lence is calling it a pop up tent.

Moon Lence Instant Pop Up Tent
  • Roomy 4-5 Person Tent: With the unfolding size of 9.5' x 10' x 4'4" (290 x 308 x 133cm), the tent is spacious for 4-5 adults. Weight 10.25 lbs. (4.65kg).
  • Breathable & Stable: 4 Large mesh windows and 1D-shaped doors with dual zippers provide much better ventilation.
  • All-round protection: Water resistance and excellent UV resistance.
  • Easy to Setup: Instant Pop up Mechanism helps you set up inner tent within 1 minute. Simply lift top of the tent, pop the top mechanism down and then click the bottom joints into place.
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Our favorite aspect of this tent is how easy it is to set up. Lift the tent by the top, pop the internal mechanism down, and snap the joints in at the bottom of the tent. Done! 

It reaches 4.4 feet at its highest point, and measures 9.5 ‘ x 10’. They say that’s enough room for four to five campers to sleep comfortably but we all know it’s probably closer to a 3 person tent if you want storage space.

This is also a great choice for the economic camper. If you’re not looking for any bells or whistles, Moon Lence is quick to set up a fraction of the price of similar style pop-up tents. 

Pros: Four mesh windows to get a cross breeze no matter which way the wind is blowing. The door is rounded and unzips easily. UV resistant. 

Cons: The included rainfly is too small to stay completely dry in substantial rainfall. The front door appears to roll down, which just means it’s going to lay in the dirt when you’re getting in and out.

Rainfly: Yes, but it’s small.

Popup or instant: Instant

Number of people: 4-5

Time to set up: Under a minute

Coleman Cabin Instant Tent

Coleman Cabin Instant Tent is built to last. This tent features a double-thick shell with welded corners and inverted seams to divert rain. It also includes a built-in rainfly.

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup
$184.99 $115.45
  • Instant tent sets up in just 1 minute. Fits 1 queen-size air bed
  • WeatherTec system with patented welded floors and inverted seams to keep you dry
  • Rugged Polyguard 2X double-thick fabric for reliable, long-lasting use
  • Integrated vented rainfly improves airflow without any extra assembly needed
  • Measures 8' x 7' with 4'11" center height
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03/12/2024 02:36 pm GMT

The 4 person model has a center height of 4 feet and 11-inches and and 8′ x 7′ interior.

We especially enjoy the 60-second setup of this tent. The pre-attached poles extend and secure in place easily. All you need to do is hook the tent shell to the standing poles and voila!

The cabin-style of the tent gives it a cozy feel and offers more standing room than most instant tents. 

Pros: Available in 4, 6, and 10-person capacities. Double poly guard fabric exterior.

Cons: Some reviews expressed concern with the integrated rainfly leaking. All-weather campers should invest in a second rain fly. 

Rainfly: Integrated

Popup or instant: Instant

Number of people: 4

Time to set up: 60-seconds

Coleman Sundome Tent

The Coleman Sundome tent is a 6-person tent with large windows, enhanced ventilation, and rainfly. It only takes 10-minutes to set up, and while it’s not a popup, you could easily do this alone.

The tent includes E-port openings for easy access to electrical cords inside the tent. This makes it easy to charge your phone or plug in a laptop during travel. 

We like the Sundome tents because the instructions are easy to follow, and the materials are durable. This might not be the tent for you if you’re sleeping six campers on air mattresses. For glampers and heavy packers, this tent is better suited for four people.

Pros: Comes with a carrying bag. WeatherTec system to keep you dry. Has mesh storage pockets. 

Cons: Some reviewers felt the tent was more suited to four than six. The six-person Sundome tent doesn’t feature Coleman’s DarkRoom technology for sun blocking. 

Rainfly: Yes

Popup or instant: Instant

Number of people: 6

Time to set up: 10 minutes

Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent

The long rectangle design is ideal for large families. Measuring 13.5 x 10 feet, there’s plenty of space in this tent to camp, play, and store your luggage. An interior height of 6.5 feet makes this cabin tent roomy and easy to stand up in.

Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent
  • Fully taped, factory-sealed seams provide dry zone camping with leak protection
  • Electrical cord access for added convenience
  • Rainfly included for long lasting rain protection
  • Gear loft included to help keep all your gear and accessories organized
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We’re big fans of this tent being designed with a single-user setup in mind. Not every camper has an adult partner to rely on during setup. It’s also great that the seams are fully-taped.

Pros: Built for families with children. Windows on all sides plus skylights. 

Cons: Reviews say that the black-out feature also makes it hot, so be aware in the summer heat. Single door, so having to step over people to get in and out isn’t fun.

Rainfly: No

Popup or instant: Instant

Number of people: 6

Time to set up: 60 seconds

Bessport Easy Setup Backpacking Tent

The Bessport backpacking tent sleeps four campers, with an interior height of 5.2 feet. It’s constructed of aluminum poles and a polyester shell. Sealed seam construction and included rainfly offer extra protection from the elements.

Bessport 4 Person Tent
  • 4 PEOPLE ROOM TENT: This backpacking tent is spacious enough to accommodate up to 4-5 people. Interior floor measurements: 8.5' x 7.8' Interior Floor Area:56 SqFt, interior height: 5.2'
  • ALWAYS STAY DRY - Sealed seam construction creates an impenetrable barrier against rain and prevents leaks. A floor mat can be added to the bottom, which is tightly fastened to the tent, prevent wet floors. Full coverage rainfly for added protection against rain.
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We like that the top of this tent is almost entirely mesh. It’s perfect for stargazing on clear nights and keeps the tent cool in the summer. The rainfly covers the entire tent for a thoroughly waterproofed effect. 

Pros: Heat resistant for safe camping. Snow resistant for winter campers

Cons: Although it’s included in the name, this tent isn’t a great weight for backpacking at 9.7 lbs. 

Rainfly: Yes

Popup or instant: Instant

Number of people: 4

Time to set up: 5 to 10-minutes

Pop-up Tents:

Ayamaya Pop-Up Tent

The Ayamaya pop-up measures 4.25 feet at its highest point. This is a classic pop-up tent, crafted of double-layer waterproof polyester.

AYAMAYA Pop Up Tent 6 Person
  • Spacious interior: 12.5' x 8.5' floor; Center Height: 53.5". Electrical cord access port. Storage pockets and lantern hook keep items neat and organized.
  • Portable carrying bag. 34.6" x 34.6" x 1.2" (88 x 88 x 3 cm)
  • Heat sealed seams in the connection area prevent from leaking water, integrated vented rainfly keep you dry.
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03/12/2024 03:36 pm GMT

It’s by far one of the easiest tents to set up by yourself. Simply toss the tent to expand it and watch it unfold in under 10-seconds. 

Ayamaya claims to have a pop-up tent patent. Their brand was established in 2014 and caters to campers and outdoorsmen. This pop-up includes rain coverage of up to pu3000. This is ideal for light to medium showers, but not for heavy rain. 

We like that this tent feels more durable than classic pop-ups. It also includes an electrical access port, lantern hook, and storage pocket. Our favorite feature of the Ayamaya pop-up is the separate vestibule space. Perfect for storing a rucksack, shoes, and other gear. 

Pros: Rear hooded vent to reduce condensation. Includes an extendable shade flap with separate poles.

Cons: Doesn’t include instructions for an extendable shade flap. Some owners find packing the tent back up tricky.

Rainfly: Integrated

Popup or instant: Pop-up

Number of people: 6

Time to set up: 10-seconds

Laaioo SUV Tent

Laaioo makes the easiest tent to set up by yourself for car and SUV campers. This pop-up tent takes minutes to fully assemble. While the tent includes poles, these are for the optional awnings. The tent itself pops up in seconds. It measures 6.5 x 6.5-feet. 

Laaioo Pop-up SUV Tent
  • Product size - 6.5' x 6.5' x 6.4' (200 x 200 x 196cm) ;Packing size: 32.6" x 32.6" x 5.5" 27lb. (83 x 83 x 14cm/12.5kg)
  • Easy to set up - Pop-up assembly for the main tent takes seconds.
  • High-quality fabrics - Material: polyester cloth 210T/PU450mm (waterproof
  • Stand alone use - Unlike other tents that must be attached to a vehicle for use, it is self-standing. Can be used as a standalone ground tent.
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We love the minimalist cube design of this pop-up tent. It connects directly to the back of your vehicle using connector straps or can be used as a standalone tent. This makes it an ideal buy for campers who want the option of bringing the SUV or leaving it at home. 

We’re huge fans of this tent’s novel design and free-standing ability. The floor-to-ceiling windows also make it a favorite for camping with a view. If you plan on a beachside camp or mountain view, this is the tent to do it in. 

Pros: Unique shape. Water and UV resistant. Includes three doors and a rainfly. 

Cons: Wobbly when free-standing. While an SUV connection is unnecessary, it’s less durable without one. 

Rainfly: No

Popup or instant: Pop-up

Number of people: 4

PALLYGO Easy Pop-Up Tent

PALLYGO is another simple pop up tent, with a center height of 4.4-feet. The tent includes a small vestibule area for shoes and gear. This is an excellent addition for families with extra luggage (kids never travel light). It’s also equipped with an integrated vented rainfly.

PALLYGO Easy Pop Up Tent
  • 【Easy Setup】3 Second auto-opening pop up tent. Throw it in the air, watch it open itself in seconds.
  • 【Ventilation】The design of three-dimensional ventilation system for front and back,Ground vents offers adequate airflow on hot days
  • 【Roomy Enough】Spacious Interior: 12.5' x 8.5' floor; Center Height: 53.5".
  • 【Waterproof & Durable】Water resistant PU coated fabric and taped seams to help keep water out and integrated vented rainfly keep you dry.
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03/12/2024 03:51 pm GMT

To set up this pop up tent, toss the tent into the air and watch it spring into shape. 

We love how spacious this little tent is. For a pop-up design, a 12.5 x 8.5-foot floor is quite roomy. The ground vents are a great addition in the summer, keeping you cool while you sleep.

This tent also has a cute little aesthetic. The windows resemble house windows, bringing in a taste of home on your camping trip. 

Pros: Double layer tent with taped seams. Mesh screens on windows and doors for mosquito protection. 

Cons: Most campers found this tent better suited to four than six people. Reviews suggest it’s fast to set up but complicated to refold. 

Rainfly: Integrated

Popup or instant: Pop-up

Number of people: 6

Time to set up: 3-seconds

Quick Set-up Tents:

These tents don’t fit into either the pop-up or instant tent category, but they’re still easy to set up with one person. If you want to stand out from the crowd, give these tents a try!

Winterial 6-7 Person Teepee Tent

This unique teepee-style tent is designed for 4-season camping. Stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter with ultra-durable waterproof polyester. Even the stitching on this tent is waterproof. 

Winterial 6-7 Person Teepee Tent
  • EASY & FAST SETUP - The Winterial Teepee Tent was designed with ease of setup in mind. Simply stake down all outside points, pitch the tent with the single center pole and stake the integrated guylines.
  • 4 SEASON DESIGN - Constructed with ultra tough and waterproof 210T polyester, waterproof stitching and featuring multiple air vents, the Winterial Teepee Tent is the perfect all-weather tent.
  • SLEEP 6-7 PEOPLE - With plenty of room to fit 6-7 people, your family camping trip could not be any easier! The Winterial Teepee tent is also a perfect 2-3 person tent with plenty of internal room for gear and storage.
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03/12/2024 04:11 pm GMT

This is a family camper and takes only 5-minutes to assemble. A single-pole in the center of the tent hoists the frame. The rest of the tent is stretched out and pegged down. It stands at 8 feet in the center, with a width of 12 feet across. 

We love how authentic this tent feels to traditional camping. It boasts a unique aesthetic combined with a roomy build. It also includes four mesh vents for increased airflow, four windows, and two doors. 

Pros: Great height for tall campers. Sturdy build for all-weather. 

Cons: Designed to be all-season but doesn’t include a stove pipe port. A little heavy at 15lbs. Per the reviews there is an opening near the top that bugs might get in. 

Rainfly: Rain cap

Popup or instant: Instant

Number of people: 6-7

Time to set up: 5-minutes

TETON Sports Mesa Canvas Tent

It may not be a traditional instant tent, but this TETON model is easy to set up. Push the top bar downward and connect the included pins to assemble the tent. Push the upright poles into their designated places and stake the tent. It takes mere minutes and results in an ultra-durable, roomy family tent for car camping.

Teton Sports Mesa Canvas Tent
  • Waterproof canvas is breathable for the best all-season protection and airflow; Mesh screens for ventilation and views.
  • Roomy tent has extra-high ceilings; Large awning protects the entry of the tent; Run power into your tent with easy access ports; 2 Loft and 2 pocket organizers; 4 - 6 person tent
  • Quick and easy setup; Push down the top bar, put the pins in and attach the upright poles; Carbon steel stakes drive through the roughest camping terrain
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03/12/2024 04:36 pm GMT

This is the only canvas instant tent on our list.

We love the shape of this tent. It’s different from other tents, offering a cabin-like feel. It’s also a perfect square base, measuring 10 x 10 for plenty of interior space. The best feature is the canvas exterior. Unlike nylon and polyester blends, this tent won’t wick water if you touch it at night. 

This model sleeps four campers comfortably but can fit six in a pinch. It also includes a large front awning for added sun protection. 

Pros: The tent includes a port for power cords. Buyers receive a lifetime warranty. The canvas exterior is breathable and waterproof. 

Cons: Heavy tent at 71.5 lbs. It’s quick to set up but requires wheels to get where it’s going. 

Rainfly: No

Popup or instant: Instant

Number of people: 4-6

Time to set up: 5-minutes

As you look for the easiest tent to set up by yourself, you’ll want durable tent with a good floor size. Check for an integrated or included rainfly, pole stability during high winds, and ventilation. Set-up speed is convenient, but comfort is key.

You’ll have choose between the instant tent and pop-up design, as well as cabin tents or dome tents.

These tents are designed to save you time better spent on family camping activities. With summer in full swing, we hope you get plenty of opportunities to do just that.

Happy Camping!

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