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Best Rain Gear to Keep Your Kids Dry

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Camping in the rain can either be a memorable adventure or a wild disaster. It all depends on how prepared you are. When you’re camping with kids, preparedness for rainy conditions is vital. 

That’s why we wanted to talk about the rain gear we recommend for kids. The right stuff will be lightweight, breathable, fast-drying, and warm to keep your kiddos safe and dry during a downpour. 

The Best Rain Gear for Kids

Here are our top recommendations for rain jackets, pants, suits, boots, and bibs your kids can wear in the rain. 

Best Rain Pants for Kids

Rain pants are likely your biggest asset when you’re camping with kids. If your kids are anything like mine, they want to be out splashing in the puddles, and they definitely don’t want to be stuck inside the tent all day.

Keeping their legs dry while they’re walking on wet ground is important for keeping them safe and comfortable. Check out our top picks. 

Note: We don’t separate boys rain pants from girls rain pants.

Columbia Kids’ Cypress Brook II Pant

Whether you’re loyal to the brand or you simply want a quality product, you can’t go wrong with Columbia. Their Cypress Brook II rain pants are made from 100% nylon, so they’re breathable, lightweight, and water-resistant.

They feature a stain-resistant exterior, a velcro pocket on the side, adjustable cuffs, and waterproof seams. 

Columbia Toddler Cypress Brook II Pant
$36.00 $24.99
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03/12/2024 02:47 am GMT

It’s also made with OmniShield technology, which dries quickly and repels water. We love Columbia clothing and we usually wait for the outlet store near us to have a good sale, then we stock up on rain jackets and winter boots.

Pros: Stays clean and has high water resistance. 
Cons: High price tag and can be too warm for summer. 

Sizes: 2T-YXL

Mountain Warehouse Rain Pants 

Here’s a great budget option that comes in various colors for your fashion-conscious kids.

These Mountain Warehouse 100% polyester rain pants are ideal for light to moderate rain. They’re lightweight, with taped seams to add to their water-resistance. 

They’re also made for comfort with a drawstring closure around the waist and adjustable cuffs. We also love that they feature RipStop fabric for extra durability.

Perfect for kids who always gets holes at the knee like mine does. 

Pros: They’re heavy-duty yet super lightweight. They’re also comfortable and highly water-resistant with IsoDry technology. 
Cons: They make a loud swishing sound when your child walks. 

Sizes: 2T-14

Hatley Splash Pants 

This is one of the most popular choices for kids rain pants, as they’re effective, comfortable, and super cute! They’re 100% polyurethane with a drawstring closure for a snug fit. The cuffs are also elastic, so they’ll fit closely to your child’s rain boots to keep their legs dry. 

Hatley Splash Pant
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03/12/2024 02:51 am GMT

These are an excellent option for both boys and girls because they come in dozens of styles and colors. Your children can choose their favorite themes and colors and still have great rain protection. 

Pros: There are tons of different patterns and colors to choose from. Machine washable.
Cons: Some reviewers noted that they weren’t ideal for heavy rains. 

Sizes: 2T-10

Oakiwear Children’s Trail and Rain Pants 

These Oakiwear rain pants are easily a top contender on our list. Along with offering many stylish options, Oakiwear provides a 6-month warranty, so if the product doesn’t perform as advertised, you can get your money back. 

These lightweight polyester pants are breathable, waterproof, and rip resistant. They’re easy to wash and dry super fast, so they’re ready to go back out in the rain when your kids are. 

I’m constantly hearing great things about Oakiwear kids rain gear.

Pros: The 6-month guarantee offers peace of mind that you’re not wasting your money. 
Cons: They don’t always hold up well to extended use. 

Sizes: 2T-13

Best Rain Suits for Toddlers

If you’re camping with busy toddlers, rain pants might not adequately keep them dry. You’ll need a full rain suit to do the job. These suits cover little kids from head to toe and offer superior water resistance. To get the best bang for your buck, consider these options. 

Tuffo Muddy Buddy Coveralls

These adorable coveralls come in a few colors and work well to help your toddler stay dry. The wrist and ankle cuffs feature elastic to fit tightly over shoes or mittens. Tuffo coveralls are also loose-fitting, so you can layer clothing underneath. 

Tuffo Muddy Buddy Coveralls
$36.95 $30.53
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03/12/2024 06:23 pm GMT

The fabric features reinforced knees and double-breasted zippers, making the suit durable and easy to put on. We think this is the best rainsuit for toddlers.

Pros: It’s waterproof, lightweight, and great for rainy summer weather. Because you can layer underneath, it could also double as a snowsuit in the winter. 
Cons: It’s a little baggy, which can be bothersome to some toddlers. 

Size: 12M-5T

Oakiwear One-Piece Rain Suit 

Here’s another Oakiwear option that’s 100% nylon for breathable, waterproof fabric. With adjustable velcro cuffs and a simple front zipper, you’ll have your toddler waterproofed and ready for the rain in minutes. 

OAKI Rain & Trail Suit
$89.99 $79.99
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03/12/2024 03:02 am GMT

This Oakiwear suit is rated to withstand more than 500 hours of play, so it’s durable and practical. Plus, it comes in tons of bright colors! 

The hood is a nice size which keeps it out of your kid’s face and also leaves room for a headlamp as it gets darker out.

Pros: A high-quality rain suit that’s both breathable and fully waterproof. 
Cons: It’s expensive. 

Size: 12M-15

Best Rain Boots for Kids

It’s challenging to have a good time during a rainy day in soggy shoes. Avoid this issue with waterproof rain boots for kids.

Great rain boots can make an awesome camping gift for your little ones. These boots will keep your kids feet dry no matter if it’s a light rain or full on mud season.

green, black, and teal rain boots

Bogs Kids Waterproof Rain Boots 

With more than 1400 5-star reviews on Amazon, people love Bogs boots. Everyone is happy with the way their Bogs rain boots stand up to wet weather and the constant movement of the children who wear them. 

BOGS Kids Rainboot
$40.00 $20.97
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03/12/2024 03:07 am GMT

Not only are the boots 100% rubber and completely waterproof, but they’re also extremely comfortable. Your kids won’t complain about wearing such a high-quality pair of boots. 

Pros: They’re tough and rugged, made to last for days and days of play. 

Cons: They’re expensive for a kids’ shoe. 

Sizes: 1 toddler – 12 big kid

Hatley Classic Child’s Rain Boots 

It’s hard not to love the stylish color combinations and waterproof durability of these Hatley classic rain boots. We love the textile lining and pull-on closure that makes it easy for kids to dress themselves. 

HatleyClassic Boots
$39.88 $36.76
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03/12/2024 03:17 am GMT

The soles are slip-resistant, so you can rest easy knowing your child won’t slip and fall in the rain. They’re also waterproof and free of harmful chemicals in the 100% rubber. 

Pros: They’re cute, comfortable, and very high quality. 
Cons: The sizing is confusing, and the boots can be easily scuffed. 

Sizes: 4 toddler – 3 big kid 

Best Rain Bibs for Kids

When it’s warm outside, but you want your child to explore rainy days without getting soaked, try rain bibs. They cover the legs and chest with adjustable suspenders. We like these ones: 

CeLaVi Recycled Plastic Rain Bib 

If you can buy a high-quality product while helping the earth, we say go for it. This roomy-fit rain bib uses recycled polyurethane and polyester to deliver a comfortable, breathable, and waterproof rain pant. 

The thick but lightweight fabric offers freedom of movement, and the elastic leg cuffs with clips keep them over your child’s rain boots to keep out mud no matter how hard they play. One leg features reflective strips, making the wearer more visible to cars day or night. 

Pros: There are lots of different color options, and they’re made from recycled materials. 
Cons: They can be a little loose based on the recommended sizing. You might want to size down. 

Sizes: 12M-9Y

PlayShoes Fleece-Lined Rain Bib 

With bright colors and reflective taping on both legs, your child will be highly visible and dry in this rain bib. The fleece lining is also extremely comfortable, even though it can get slightly warm in the summer. 

The cuffed legs also come with stirrup straps so you can wrap them around your child’s boots to keep their legs dry. 

Pros: The fleece lining and button closure make them versatile and useful for multiple uses. 
Cons: The fleece lining can make these pants too warm in the summer. 

Sizes: 9M-10Y

Features to Look for in Kids Rain Pants

Kids rain gear should be at the top of your packing list. If your kids play outside in wet weather, they’ll likely jump in puddles and get their lower half soaked.

Having the best rain gear that is fast-drying and warm is key to keeping kids comfortable and safe during their exploration.

We want you to find the best kids rain pants for your needs, so let’s start by looking at a few key features to consider.  


Chances are you’re camping in summer, and you’ll want something that air passes through to keep your kids cool while they play. 

Kids outerwear that doesn’t breathe will make your kids sweat while playing, which isn’t a great feeling. It breeds bacteria and can be a serious health hazard, as moisture on the skin pulls heat away from the body 25 times faster than cold air. 

Not to mention, it develops a smell and no one wants that in their tent! Look for breathable fabrics that are waterproof, water-resistant, or fast drying. 


Look at the sleeve and pant leg cuffs on any rain gear you’re considering. If the cuffs are wide open and don’t fit snuggly to your child’s limbs, they’ll let more water in. 

Waterproof pants are useless if the water from the puddle is getting in the bottom.

Ideally, you’ll find rain gear with an elastic cuffs or velcro cuffs. This way the rain pants can cover rain boots and fit snuggly without riding up or allowing water in.

Velcro is a good option if your child won’t tolerate a more snug fit from elastic. It’s also a good choice for adjusting the breathability of the rain gear. 

You might also consider cuffs with stirrup straps for your kid’s rain pants, especially for little kids. These stretch over the bottom of the child’s boots so they stay down as your child runs, crouches, and even crawls around camp.

You can always buy stirrup straps that clip onto the cuffs of pants if you can’t find pants that have them already. Keeping your feet warm in cold weather is a good way to keep your kids warm.

Many kids’ rain pants also have adjustable leg openings, which are great for stretching the legs over the boots. It also means you can unzip them and let a little more airflow into the leg opening if it gets too warm. 


Warmth might not be a significant issue if you’re camping in Iowa in July. Even if it rains, it’s likely a warm rain, and the temperatures stay relatively comfortable day or night.

But if you’re in the mountains or camping in cold weather, you absolutely want a rain jacket that’s warm. 

It can be tricky to find the balance between breathable and warm. You want to trap heat against the body, but you don’t want it to be so hot that it makes your child sweat. 

I suggest buying a thinner set of breathable rain gear and layer up underneath. That way, you’re prepared for any weather, and your child won’t be stuck inside the tent wrapped in blankets all day! 


I don’t recommend looking at price first, as your kid’s comfort should be a priority. Camping gear can get expensive. Watch for sales or use our tips on how to get a good deal on great gear.

Water Resistant vs. Water Proof

The terms “water resistant” and “waterproof” are often used interchangeably, but they’re technically not the same. 

Waterproof means that water cannot soak through it, no matter what.

Something water-resistant can resist water penetration to a certain degree. After extended water exposure, however, water will penetrate and soak through. 

Most rain clothing is water-resistant rather than waterproof, and you want it to be that way. Waterproof pants might keep your child impenetrably dry from the rain, but they’re not breathable. Your children will be soaked in their own sweat very quickly, which is uncomfortable and sticky.

Look for clothing that’s water-resistant, meaning your child can stay in the elements for hours, but it will be well ventilated and comfortable for them. 

Safety Considerations:

Rain storms are great fun, but there are safety considerations to keep in mind.


Most rain gear is made of waterproof synthetic material, which will easily melt if near a campfire or other heat source. Always watch kids near fire and make sure they aren’t getting close enough to melt clothing.


Hypothermia can be a real concern for kids, even in warm weather. Knowing the signs of hypothermia and how to treat it is important.

If you’re planning on letting your kids play in the rain, be sure to pack a warm change of clothes for them when you’re all done!

Once after a rain shower, we all jumped into our sleeping bags to warm up before dinner!


If there is lightning that you can see, playing in the water isn’t a good idea. Only splash in puddles after the lighting is gone, or during a rain storm, not a thunderstorm.

Camping in the Rain

Now that you know how to keep your kids dry while still fitting in outdoor play, check out our article on Camping in the Rain to keep everyone else dry!

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